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How are women struggling worse Amber’s TikTok video grabs Emily’s support

As cited all the reasons why being a woman in 2022 is “scarier,” it seemed she supported . As a result of the negative backlash against Heard and the massive support for Depp on TikTok, Ratajkowski highlighted one of many instances when the phrase “It’s 2022 and it’s getting even SCARIER to be a woman” is relevant on TikTok.

During her public legal fight with her former husband, , and the defamation trial, she suffered a lot of backlashes on social media. Defamation damages of $10 million were awarded to Depp during a Virginia defamation trial in June, while compensatory damages of $2 million were awarded to Heard.

Support via social media post

During a post on TikTok over the weekend, Ratajkowski lip-synched and said, “I’m not scared of lions or tigers or bears.” She then revealed a list of her fears. During the video, Ratajkowski filmed herself holding her head up in front of the camera while wearing nothing more than white, reading, “Roe v Wade overturned, Harvey got an appeal, Shia’s Redemption Tour, the way you dragged Amber and the precedent that court set.”

Artists paving punishment for the sex crimes

Ratajkowski also cited , a former powerhouse in the entertainment industry currently serving jail time for several sex crimes. The Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade in June, which made abortion legal in the US since 1972. A former girlfriend of , FKA Twigs, has been charged with alleged sexual assault and abuse; the case is scheduled for trial in April 2023.

She also mentioned the recent defamation trial involving Depp and Heard. After Heard revealed that she had suffered domestic abuse in a Washington Post op-ed, Depp filed a defamation lawsuit against the actress. During the trial, heard was heavily criticized online.

Experiencing positive and negative comments

In most comments, pro-Heard commenters commended the model for using her platform to highlight Heard’s backlash. The Amber Heard trial set us back and forced us into convos men and women weren’t ready for. Thank you.” One individual commented, “It was so refreshing to have you at the table.” Several individuals were unsuccessful in supporting Ratajkowski’s view, especially regarding the Heard part.

It is frightening and sad to believe Amber, and similarly, one individual wrote, “Johnny was a victim of abuse. How would you react privately if you were him?” According to one Twitter user who commented on Ratajkowski’s absence from the trial, “They don’t see Amber as a liar, but just buy into what the “leaders” of the movement are selling to demonize Depp. Despite not watching the trial, the court case “set a precedent” (if it did) that you cannot accuse someone of horrific crimes if they never occurred.”