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House of the Dragon Following the Footsteps of Game of Thrones?

Royal Wedding With Bloodshed 

It wouldn't be a royal marriage in Westeros without a little bloodshed. Following in the traditions of , 's Sept. 18 episodes featured its royal wedding. Shockingly, the chaos at the rehearsal dinner for (Milly Alcock) and (Theo Nate) was not caused by (Matt Smith). He was disinherited and obsessed with the princess.

Rather, the drama at hand was brought about by Cole (Fabien Frankel), Rhaenyra's lover and sworn protector. So, who exactly did Ser Criston murder? (Solly McLeod). 

How To Knights Ended Up 

During the episode, (Emily Carey), Rhaenyra's preceding best buddy and current stepmother, interrogated Ser Criston about the rumor that Rhaenyra was spotted close to her uncle in a brothel. However, Ser Criston did not realize that Alicent was asking about Daemon and admitted that he had slept with the princess, breaking his vow as a member of the Kingsguard.

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Ser Criston was primed to die for his actions as he previously proposed to Rhaenyra, who had rejected his offer. (FYI, Ser Criston was very offended by Rhaenyra's counteroffer that they keep sleeping together since she and her new fiancé had an “understanding.”)

House of the Dragon Following the Footsteps of Game of Thrones?

Upon Ser Criston's admission, the angry queen, who believed Rhaenyra when the princess defended that she was a virgin, chose not to punish the knight. Unfortunately, this decision put the knight on edge, as it seemed that he became fearful that his liaison with Rhaenyra would get out.

So, when Ser Joffrey Ser Laenor's lover approached Ser Criston and made it clear that he knew about the knight and the princess, all hell broke loose. Specifically, when everyone was celebrating the upcoming nuptials between Rhaenyra and Ser Laenor on the dance floor, a violent fight broke out, which resulted in Ser Criston bashing Ser Joffrey's face.

The evening events seemingly sped up Rhaenyra and Laenor's nuptials, as they married in an intimate ceremony in front of their family.

The fight wasn't the only drama during the episode. Alicent arrived late to the feast, and she wore her house's war color. The king's health also worsened, and his condition looked greyscale.

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