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Horror! Get ready to watch the revealed surprise from ‘The Conjuring 2’

director shares a video of the original demon before The Nun replaced him. Following The Enfield Case, which featured Ed and getting involved in the case of a young girl possessed by a demonic entity in 1977, The Conjuring 2 was released in 2016 as the sequel to The Enfield Case.

An entity called Valak, a demonic entity also known as The Nun, is the root of the possession in Enfield and is portrayed by , , Frances O’Connor, , , , and . In 2018, Aarons again starred as her titular character in the spinoff prequel film The Nun.

With a worldwide gross of $365 million, The Conjuring franchise’s most successful film was The Nun 2, directed by . As part of the production of The Nun 2, Aarons will return to the iconic role for the third time in 2023. The Conjuring 2 originally planned to create another demonic creature instead of Aarons, but Wan changed his mind after creating the first creature.

Achieves the greatest success

In The Conjuring 2, Wan revealed images and details about his original vision for Valak, the main demon. This was a different vision than The Nun, which was added afterward, replacing the original design entirely.

A new video posted by James Wan shows how Valak, portrayed by the film’s composer, is working on set. Wan comments that this was the best demon he had ever used. The film reveals the fully-developed suit and animatronic head for the first time.

Valak wasn’t right for The Conjuring

The Nun was conceived as a replacement for the Valak design during post-production because, during that time, he felt that the Valak design didn’t fit within the world of The Conjuring universe.

Even though it was “out of place” for the film, the director says the fully rendered shot of Valak with his CGI wings was “grand and epic.” In addition to her movie roles, Aarons also acted in additional scenes for The Conjuring 2, which shows how much can change even after the movie has been completed.

The alternate variation is right

A cool-looking demon like the Valak from The Conjuring 2 would certainly make a good addition to The Conjuring 2, but it’s hard to imagine what it would be like with the original design. 

With the alternate variation of the character, Wan seems to have made the right call and created something much better than the original. Wan’s instinct that Valak wouldn’t fit into The Conjuring 2’s world is correct because Valak looks more like a mythological creature than a supernatural one.