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Here are the best horror comedy films to make you laugh in fear

Reddit has you covered on the best horror comedy-and comedy horror movies out there for those who love to laugh and scream simultaneously. A discussion began in r/horror  when DonTeca35 straight up asked for horror comedy recommendations in r/horror. It has been a while since I watched any horror comedy, so I’m counting on y’ all for some inspiration! exclaimed the Redditor.

Whatever makes me laugh and jump, it doesn’t matter if it’s a top tier or B grade.” In what should come as no surprise to anyone, Edgar Wright’s 2004 zombie comedy Shaun of the Dead is the most upvoted choice in this thread. It is one of the top three zombie films I have ever seen in my life, DonTeca35.

It may not be one of the top three zombie movies, but no matter what the top three are, we all agree that it’s one of the best zombie movies-and probably the funniest. In terms of the latter distinction, it has few rivals: Zombieland, Zombieland: Double Tap, Army of Darkness, Warm Bodies, and Bubba Ho-Tep are its closest competitors.

There was a lot of support for ron Copenhaver 13’s selection of Idle Hands, a 1999 teen comedy horror film about a high school stoner with a possessed hand that was viewed as a non-zombie horror comedy. “This is the best answer here,” cfulmer916 wrote to assist.

In addition to Blood Fest, Freaky, Scream, Slither, The Cabin In The Woods, Tucker, and Dale vs. Evil, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, here are some funny horror suggestions that are not zombie-specific.

Horror and comedy are indeed at opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to genres, but they can successfully combine to provide viewers with a surplus of stimulation if they are treated correctly. It’s going to be an exciting ride!

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