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Harry Went To See Queen Elizabeth When She Was Ill, But Meghan Refused To Meet Queen!

travels to Scotland to see the poor health of , but Prince Meghan refuses to go there. That was her last chance to meet the Queen!

The Tense Relationship

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had a tense relationship with the since their marriage in 2018. After stepping down from their royal duties, the love birds lost access to royal security, which they claim makes it unsafe for them to travel back to the U.K. with their children.

However, amid reports that Queen Elizabeth’s health is steeply declining, Harry is said to be travelling to Scotland to be at her side.

Queen Elizabeth became the first British emperor to reign for 70 years in 2022 when she celebrated her . Despite being 96 years old, the Queen has still been active in her royal duties. However, a spokesperson for revealed today that doctors are “concerned for Her Majesty’s health.”

About Royal Family

Queen Elizabeth’s family has been making their way to Scotland to be with her, including her eldest son and his wife, . Prince Charles is next who will take the throne.

Television telecasted the video showed Queen Elizabeth’s younger sons, and Edwards, and her grandson Prince William (the son of Prince Charles), arriving at Aberdeen Airport, located an hour from Balmoral. The Queen’s daughter is already with her.

Prince William’s wife, , reportedly stayed behind to care for their three children, who had just started a new school year.

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As Per The Various Reports

Various reports have confirmed that Harry is going to Scotland to see his grandmother. The royal was already in Europe with his wife for various charitable events. However, it appears Meghan is not joining him in Scotland.

Harry and Meghan were in the U.K. just last month to celebrate the Queen’s jubilee. However, their visit was reportedly met with tension, especially since Harry unsuccessfully petitioned the government to provide his family with extra security during their stay.

Following the news that the couple were in Europe, sources said Queen Elizabeth wasn’t interested in seeing Meghan. She reportedly doesn’t want to be “on tenterhooks” while waiting for the “next nuclear bomb,” likely a reference to Meghan’s explosive comments about the royal family since she and Harry relocated to California in 2020.

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