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Harry is the new Pop icon of the generation

According to , the nephew of , is not the “New King of Pop.”

Harry Styles is the new King of Pop.

 But not in the eyes of Michael Jackson’s family, claims Rolling Stone UK. The British musician, wearing a huge white fur coat and clutching a pink birthday cake with candles, is featured on the magazine’s UK October/November cover. The photograph is accompanied by the description, “How the new King of Pop ignited the music globe.”

Jackson’s nephew Taj Jackson tweeted a message in response to his uncle’s alleged succession to the throne. The phrase “New King of Pop” is untrue. It is not your title. @RollingStone, not you, but my uncle earned it.

He tweeted, “The title has been retired. No offense to Harry Styles. He has extraordinary talent. Could you give him a unique name?

The Jackson Five.

Jackson started his career alongside his brothers in the well-known group The Jackson Five, which led to his being one of the most successful music artists. His album Thriller and the follow-up single with the same name propelled him to international prominence, and his trademark dance motion, “the moonwalk,” is still well-known. 

By 1984, Jackson had made a name for himself as the King of Pop, a title he later claimed when a compilation album was released in 2008 to mark his 50th birthday.

Supporters of Jackson have been outspoken in their endorsement of Taj’s announcement. 

Some claim, among other things, “There will only ever be one King of Pop.” “The title is retired indefinitely,” you agree. A few concluded. The consensus on Twitter was that Styles is too young (and hasn’t released enough records) to unseat Jackson’s superstar legacy, even though Jackson has long been viewed as controversial due to sexual assault allegations that have persisted even after he died in 2009.

Given his public attempts to shun social media, Styles is unlikely to respond to the online outrage. He described Twitter as “a sh*tstorm of people trying to be horrible to people” in his Rolling Stone cover story and stated that he uses other media sparingly since talking about his personal life, particularly his relationship with Olivia Wilde, “doesn’t make me feel good.”

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