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‘Guardians of the Galaxy’: Maria Bakalova wants to work with James Gunn ‘over and over again’

Whenever I have the chance to work with , I will! ”The MCU has had another great year in 2022, but Vol. looks exciting for 2023. James Gunn directed 3. There are so many notable things about this sequel.

Aside from that, Vol. In a recent interview with Discussing Film, Bakalova teased fans about what they can expect from Cosmo the Spacedog and what it was like working with Gunn. The Dogme 95 film is essentially a creatively driven project that is character/thematically driven, rather than being heavily reliant on special effects.

The same thing can be found throughout Gunn’s filmography. Bakalova would continue to say upon being asked what it was like to work with Gunn, Bakalova had nothing but praise.”I love James Gunn, I want to work with him forever!” Just everything. There are no words for how talented he is. He’s funny. He’s so fun. “

He’s such a great person”, she said. Bakalova would continue her praise by saying, “What a model of a person I’d want to emulate.” His dedication to his craft is also admirable. It’s amazing. I’ve been very lucky to meet him and work with him. I want to keep doing it”. Vol and Cosmo were teasing each other.

Adding puppy love to the mix! Something like that is needed. I found a new world in Cosmo. I hope that people will root for her.”Bakalova has been a rising star in Hollywood since her breakthrough role in Borat: The Subsequent Moviefilm in 2020. As a result of her hilarious performance in that film, the actress received an Oscar nomination.

Bakalova has starred in Netflix’s comedy The Bubble and A24’s horror comedy Bodies Bodies Bodies, where she shined in a killer ensemble cast. Throughout the MCU, Cosmo has made small cameos since we first saw him in the very first Guardians of the Galaxy. I’m excited to see what Bakalova brings to this quirky role.

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Her amazing comedic sensibilities are in line with what Gunn fans have come to expect from his productions. Bakalova’s excitement for her MCU debut and love for Gunn are both wonderful to hear. Bakalova should be a Gunn regular for years to come. Groot of the Galaxy Vol. It promises to be a more emotionally mature tale that will conclude this team’s journey on May 3, 2023.

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