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Get Ready ! The New Captain America Marvel game trailer is out now

In the upcoming month, Marvel gamers have a lot to look forward to with the release of Marvel’s Midnight Suns, , and a new Wolverine game on the way. Marvel announced a partnership with Media for a brand new video game from uncharted director Developers make this game with decades of experience in AAA and adventure gaming.

New projects are out

On D23’s x Marvel Games showcase, new gaming projects are expected to be revealed. A teaser trailer for a -era Captain America game was shown on D23’s Disney and Marvel Games. The trailer had four playable superheroes, including Captain America and Black Panther, who will go against the forces of Hydra. 

The new game reads with the tagline of ‘Four Heroes. Two Worlds. One War’. It is an adventure game in the Marvel Universe and features an original story with four superheroes. Skydance New Media is helmed by award-winning director Amy Hennig. The title is from the new AAA game studio.

and Captain America

The characters of four Marvel heroes may be at odds with each other in the game if the vibranium claw marks on Captain America’s shield are anything to go by. Black Panther will be ’s grandfather wore the suit during World War II. Captain America is Wakanda from a Hydra invasion. The two foes are at some point in the game, and they team up as well.

They two are the playable characters on each side, mentioned with a U.S. soldier named Gabriel Jones and a Wakandan Spy, Nanali. These characters are introduced in the Marvel series. Black Panther is featuring another gaming development from EA. It is a single-player game where the title was unannounced. 

The first major project from Skydance New Media is the Marvel game, not only the title the studio is working on from Disney’s slate. Earlier this year, a new game was set in the , where details were revealed in the D23 showcase.