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General Manager of Lucasfilm explains why The Perfect Storm with George Clooney is such an important film

Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), a division of Lucasfilm, became a major player in the visual effects industry in 1975. If you’ve seen an effects-heavy blockbuster from the last several decades, there’s a decent chance that ILM worked on it in some form.

From the first three Star Wars movies to Jurassic Park, ILM worked on a lot of blockbusters. In her view, the -led The Perfect Storm was a movie that was not just significant for Lucasfilm, but also for VFX history.

spoke with me at the press event for Disney+’s docuseries Light & Magic, which explores ILM’s origins and impact on the film industry, and is now available for streaming. During our conversation, I asked Brennan what she considered ILM’s greatest technical achievement, whether it was a character, creature, ship, or just a general effect.

According to her, she began by saying: According to some, The Perfect Storm (a movie George Clooney might consider his best) was inspired by the real-life story of Andrea Gail, a commercial fishing ship that disappeared at sea in 1991.

Since such conditions cannot be replicated in real life, it was up to the minds at Lucasfilm to bring that violent water to life in a digital setting and to make it work with Wolfgang Peterson’s footage. Aside from George Clooney, The Perfect Storm featured , , , and .

ILM worked on six films in 2000, including Mission to Mars, The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle, Space Cowboys, and Pollock and Pay It Forward. It’s still impressive to Lynwen Brennan that the digital water turned out so well in The Perfect Storm, but that’s not the only thing she recalls about ILM’s achievements. Continuing, she said:

It was developed for the Star Wars series The Mandalorian and has since been used on productions across the globe, including Marvel movies like and and DC movies like The Batman and the upcoming Black Adam.

Known as “volumes,” these facilities have made waves (to borrow from The Perfect Storm) in the visual effects industry, and even knowing how StageCraft came together, Lynwen Brennan still continues to be blown away by its capabilities.

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