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General Hospital: Why is Chloe Lanier Returning As Nelle Benson

In her first role, Lanier played Nelle, who became one of Port Charles’ most popular villains

Before Esme Prince, Nelle was ‘s troublemaker. In August 2016, Lanier made her debut as Nelle would become one of Port Charles’ most famous villains. Most of Nelle’s scheming was Carly and her son Michael Corinthos.

One of Nelle’s important pivotal storylines is when she switches her son Wiley Corinthos at birth, making Michael believe he is dead. However, Nelle’s reign of terror ends in September 2020 when she falls off a cliff during a confrontation with Carly.

It has been two years since Nelle’s tragic demise; however, fans will be seeing her again. Lanier will reprise her role as Nelle. The actor disclosed that she was thrilled when executive producer Frank asked her to come again. Lanier’s back will last only a little while, and there’s no word on when her official airdate will be.

The real facts weren’t revealed to Nina until months after Nelle’s passing

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After she fell from the cliff, Nelle was presumed dead in General Hospital. A body was found near the site, But it’s unclear if it was Nelle. Since there’s no official confirmation that she’s dead, many fans believe Nelle is still alive.

Many have happened during Nelle’s absence; the biggest story is the revelation that Nina Reeves’ is her birth mother. Nina didn’t discover the truth until months after Nelle’s death and was furious Carly knew all along.

Reasons for  Re-entry

During Lanier’s run on the soap, her character doesn’t know that Nina is her biological mother or Willow is her sibling. So if Nelle is alive, can you even begin to imagine the fireworks? We’d need sunglasses to watch the explosions!

If Nelle is alive, she could return and expose the secret that she and Willow are twins. Nelle revealing Carly’s secret would reignite their long-standing feud. But she’s not the only one Nelle can cause trouble for. Nelle will use Willow’s situation to her advantage by bargaining with Michael. She’ll agree to be the donor if he gives her custody of Wiley.

I had forgotten how to do all these things that they once so clicked for me, but hopefully, it translated, and I could slip back into character the way I did before.