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You will shocked to know that the ultimate fate of a pivotal Member of  Dragon House has already been revealed in Game of Thrones

One of ’s main shocks has already been revealed thanks to none other than . You should be aware that we will discuss significant book spoilers that will likely not be seen on screen for several seasons but will involve a significant new show character. So if you want to enjoy House of the Dragon in its entirety, stop reading here. Continue with us? 

The spoilers are now ready for you. In Game of Thrones season three, episode four, disclosed the horrific fate of , the most adored member of the House of the Dragon.

Dreadful Demise of the Targaryen Princess

Game of Thrones has already shown how one Majore House of the Dragon character's story will end (2)

The evil king and are strolling around the Sept at one point in the episode. He pauses to point out the princess of the Targaryen’s final resting place and, in typical Joffrey fashion, describes how terrible her demise was. He exclaims with a frightening degree of joy that Rhaenyra Targaryen was slain by her brother, his Dragon.

While her kid watched, it devoured her. Her remains are interred in the crypts just below.” Yes, Joffrey is telling the truth; the beloved princess from House of the Dragon truly suffered that tragic outcome. 

Aegon Targaryen, the baby son of Alicent Hightower (yes, another one, this one Aegon the Second), will ultimately grow up and order his elder half-execution sister at Dragonstone, and is presented as her killer in House of the Dragon episode 3! In the program, Rhaenyra’s unborn son did witness his mother being killed by Sunfire, Aegon’s Dragon. (To further confuse matters, Rhaenyra’s kid also goes by Aegon).

Name resemblance is not a Coincidence

Of course, the program has a long way to go before it gets to this stage. Aegon the Second is now just two years old. But ultimately, the Dance of Dragons, a civil war in the Targaryen realm, will start. Rhaenyra will win the Iron Throne, but King’s Landing will turn against her for various reasons. She will run to Dragonstone, where she will be betrayed and put to death horribly.

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In a cruel twist of fate, the dragon egg Rhaenyra saves in episode 2 of House of the Dragon could be Sunfire. The egg was obtained from Dreamfyre, therefore, the names’ resemblance is undoubtedly not a coincidence, but we won’t be certain until after the fact (thanks to Reddit(which opens in a new tab) for this hypothesis).

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