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Fury Road prequel: George Miller says he might explore Mad Max’s story in another project

The Fury Road 

I will go out on a limb today and say something controversial. Are you ready? : Fury Road is one of the greatest films ever. Shocking, I know! I should be fired for printing such blasphemy. With ’s Three Thousand Years of Longing making wishes come true in theaters, the time-honored director is making headlines while keeping the on track. 

During a recent chat with , Miller revealed that he and writer Nico Lathouris penned materials related to ’s Mad Max that goes beyond the events of Mad Max: Fury Road. 

Speaking with AV Club, Miller says he and Lathouris wrote a plethora of material about Max while drumming up ideas for Fury Road. Instead of scrapping the unused material, the duo kept it all, and Miller is thinking about dusting it off for a new prequel project.


Please give us the Doof Warrior spinoff, Miller! That’s the kind of Mad Max content I need in my life. Where did he learn how to play? Who built his guitar? Does he have plans to open for Rammstein in the future? Inquiring minds want to know!

With Miller’s Furiosa, starring as a young Imperator Furiosa, and a Fury Road sequel on the horizon, does Miller have room in his schedule to develop another Mad Max story? If the answer is yes, that project will likely be years away from becoming a reality. 

Still, the Mad Max landscape is already a wellspring of stories despite taking place in a barren wasteland. Miller could explore that territory for years, and fans would be eager to take the ride. Let us know if you’d be down for a focusing on Max’s time before encountering Furiosa.