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Fresh lawsuit against Boxer George Foreman for assaulting two minors in 1970

The American professional and former heavyweight champion has alleged that he sexually assaulted two minor girls without their consent in the 1970s. A lawsuit is now pressed against the Boxer.

Lawsuit statement
According to the lawsuit filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday, the document reports that the Boxer’s name was not specifically mentioned; instead, the abuser’s name was mentioned in the former professional heavyweight boxer who defeated in 1973 to become the heavyweight champion of the world. And it connects to the Boxer George Foreman as he was the one who defeated Frazier on Jan. 22, 1973.

When ABC News contacted the Boxer, he denied any such allegation and said,

“trying to extort millions of dollars each from my family and me.”

What did the suit claim?
identified herself as the daughter of an Oakland-based boxer who trained with the Boxer in the early 1970s and filed a lawsuit against the Boxer, who started grooming her right from the age of 8, making her sit on his lap while driving a car to take her for ice cream.
The Boxer assaulted Denise sexually from 13-16 years of age without her consent; by that time, the Boxer was 23. Boxer George Foreman and Denise S had several sexual intercourse at the age of 15.

And this lawsuit was filed under a new law in California where women can bring about childhood sexual assault through legal action and has the right to recover damages from the abusers.

Denise S. suffered trauma
Denise S. suffered severe injuries and mental trauma, and the treatment cost her a fortune that she lost her earnings and capability to earn. She claimed a jury trial and an undisclosed amount as compensation for her damages.

Ron, the friend and business associate of Foreman, was aware of at least one sexual abuse the minors underwent. Ron even confronted Foreman about the abuse of the two minors on at least one occasion, and Foreman allegedly did not deny the allegations.

A second lawsuit was filed by another woman named , who alleged that she met Foreman when she was under the age of 10 and was groomed by him. And at the same time, it is unsure whether it is Gwen H whom Ron knew Foreman abused.

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