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For Rashida Jones: ‘Becoming a mother and losing my mother’ was a tragedy 

’s “The Office” sitcom

After The Office ended, Rashida Jones starred in another sitcom, “Parks and Recreation”. Rashida Jones, still quite popular now, has stayed very busy since she left Parks and Recreation.

The next biggest career next to acting was attaining motherhood.  Rashida Jones lived her life right from her birth with famous figureheads and being a daughter of prominent characters like his father, , and her mother, .

Rashida Jones’s affluent

For Rashida Jones 'Becoming a mother and losing my mother' was a tragedy  (3)

Her rise to stardom was a huge discussion as his father, Quincy Jones, is the most affluent person in modern-day Her mother, Peggy Lipton, became famous by playing in the hit TV crime drama . After marrying Quincy Jones, giving birth to Rashida Jones, and going on a 15-year acting hiatus, Lipton became a memorable part of . Rashida Jones’ mother was also a highly successful performer in her prime.

Rashida Jones is completely different from others as she always likes to keep her private life away from media and gossip. She keeps her life away from the media in such a way that only after months of giving birth to her son in 2018 was the media aware that Rashida Jones is a mother. 

Interview on going through labour

In 2021, she was interviewed by NPR and discussed how it is to go through delivery.  In 2019, Rashida Jones’ mother, Peggy Lipton, died aged 72 after being diagnosed with colon cancer in 2004. Unfortunately, Peggy Lipton had no way to meet her grandson before Jones gave birth.  In the interview with NPR, Jones said that losing her mother right before giving birth took a huge toll on her life. She said, 

“This has been a very emotionally intense couple of years. … It was sort of like back-to-back-to-back-to-back, just wrenching, pulling my heart in all different directions. … I was in grief-shock. I don’t even know if that’s a word, but I was just not in my body at all and just had a baby. I was doubly not in my body.

She also added that becoming a mother and losing my mother felt “like there’s my life before and there’s my life after.” The two happenings just shook her so that she was unable to suppress, unable to run away and felt as if it was just there. 

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