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Famous Puerto Rican star faces sexual assault complaint from his nephew

Puerto Rican pop star has been accused of sexual assault, and a complaint was filed by his nephew, Dennis Yadiel Martin. 

Complained filed against Ricky Martin

On Friday, the complaint was filed at a police precinct in the capital of , and a spokesman from the department named told The Associated Press on Saturday that based on the nature of the complaint made, the details of who filed the complaint and on what allegation cannot be disclosed.

 A source not allowed to talk on the complaint confirmed that the lawsuit was filed by none other than the singer’s nephew . But no immediate action on the complaint was taken as the event claimed in the lawsuit was not a recent occurrence. The police will now investigate to see if charges should be filed.

In his statement to People, the ’s lawyer José Andréu-Fuentes called the claims deeply offensive and completely out of reality. Sánchez’s previous allegation was withdrawn from the court as he later admitted that Ricky Martin had never assaulted him.

Now, after being sued for trying to extort Mr Martin, he is attempting to spread his lies again,”Andréu-Fuentes continued. “It is beyond time that the media stops giving this deeply troubled individual the oxygen of publicity and allows him to get the help he so clearly needs.

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Previous false case filed by Dennis Yadiel Sánchez

In July, Dennis Yadiel Sánchez Martin requested a restraining order against the singer, but later, he admitted under oath that he was never sexually assaulted by the singer.

Martin’s spokesperson informed the AP that Martin’s legal counsel is assessing the matter and has decided not to make any public comments. 

Ricky Martin’s lawyer, on Thursday, filed a lawsuit against his nephew, describing him as “troubled”. In the same lawsuit, he had accused him of extortion, malicious persecution, abuse of law and damages.

Ricky Martin’s nephew’s troublesome messages

According to the lawsuit, his nephew would send ten messages daily to the singer, which are “meaningless diatribes without any particular purpose.” He even publicly disclosed Martin’s private number, forcing him to change it later.

The lawsuit by Ricky Martin also claimed that he had no romantic relationship with his nephew and called the complaint a false claim, and he never called his nephew. 

Nothing further from the truth, the lawsuit stated

Lawyers also pointed out that Sánchez had already received two restraining orders from a judge in a separate stalking case.