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Exiting Big Brother with a Legendary Performance, Michael Bruner

out of 24

After being booted out, Michael Bruner is no longer a part of Big Brother 24.
Bruner did a great job representing the LGBTQ+ community during the 24th season of the long-running reality show. He broke records for the number of competitions he won, was the kind of superfan we all love to see, and tried his best to play a social game that was never really on his side. This week, Bruner was on the block, which gave the other houseguests the chance to take advantage of the fact that he is a very competitive person, which always makes a player a big target.

Bruner gave Big Brother super fans what they always desired

Bruner gave Big Brother fans what they had always wanted—a memorable goodbye speech—as he walked out of the Big Brother house, even though he looked sad about being kicked out of the competition. Bruner asked everyone to stay seated before getting up from his chair and making the announcement. Bruner left the house after saying, “I have one thing I’d like to say.” He didn’t say anything else as he walked out the door.

Bruner is a ‘sour loser’

Bruner’s exit speech is the kind of speech that longtime Big Brother fans have always liked to see. So, even though casual viewers or new fans may see Bruner’s departure as him being a “sour loser,” this is exactly the kind of memorable speech that Bruner gave. He was a petty person who kept his co-stars guessing about what he would do until the last second he was in the house. He then had a great time taunting them on his way out.

Bruner is a big fan of

Bruner is a big fan of Janelle Pierzina, who is known as the “Queen of Big Brother.” Because of this, it is safe to assume that she has researched the Big Brother franchise and knows how to make good TV for Big Brother fans. Bruner didn’t win Big Brother 24, but fans of the show will always remember him as a classic contestant and a competition beast who broke records even though he didn’t win.
Bruner would be a great choice to come back to the Big Brother house in a later season, and we don’t think this is the last time we’ll see him there. We think this is not the last time we’ll see him in the Big Brother house.