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Exclusive Netflix Originals Releases for October 2022

October is filled with surprises and new shows to watch on . Here is our list of all the Netflix to be released for the Halloween season.

Shows in English on Netflix Originals for

1. . Oct 8

Some of the best horror given by Mike Flanagan and Intrepid Pictures. Be it, The Haunting of Bly Manor or Hill House. This year he comes with his new project to surprise us all with the thrilling “The Midnight Club.”

2. . Oct 7
Oddballs come from a famous Youtube channel, TheOdd1sOut. The creators, James Rallison and Ethan Banville are the producers of the Animated Series; It is a story of a bubble boy James, and his friends, Crocodile and Echo.

3. Descendant. Oct 21.
A Sundance Film Festival Jury Winner is the Descendant. Makers returned to search the Clotilda to pick up enslaved people from the United States.
It is a story of a woman who falls in love with a cook in Florence. A health diagnosis is ripping their foot off the floor.

4. The School for Good and Evil. October 19-21st

Based on Soman Chaineni’s Novel, it could be a new fantasy series. A tale of two best friends who are departed n to a magical school. Paul Feig will direct it.

5. The Good Nurse. Oct 26
A series worth bagging an Oscar. It is derived from a real-life story. Eddie Redmayne and Jessica Chastain and a nurse who is relentlessly risking her life before a doctor who is killing his patients.

6. Wendell and Wild. Oct 28
Henry Selick surprises us all with the animated series. A story of two monsters planning to destroy the arch.

7. The Stranger.
Thomas M Wright’s stranger is attained at Cannes. A story of two strangers played by
Joel Edgerton and Sean Harris travel together and share a long, in-depth conversation.

Non-English Genres

Everything calls for Salvation in October.
A story from the makers of Italy, a 21-year-old who goes through a psychotic analysis and wakes up amongst strangers.

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2. Barbarians. Oct 21.
Freshly debuting on Netflix a German series. The first ever series to feature in a Latin Language.

3. The other non-English series are.
Glitch, The Playlist, Holy Family, and many more.