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Exclusive AGT Update! Is Simon Cowell do this

Asked about the ’ reactions to contestant ’ pole dance act after Tuesday’s show, “America’s Acquired Expertise,” decide gushed about the ’ semifinal performance. Fox Information Digital reported Sellars told Fox News Digital he spoke to her after the show about “a chance,” but did not provide any details.

According to Cowell, the Lebanese all-female dance group Mayyas can “transform the world.” While speaking with Fox Information Digital, Mandel echoed Cowell’s remarks about the troupe. The 66-year-old TV legend stated on Pasadena’s pink carpet, “That was my favorite moment of the evening.”

Mandel’s favourite moments

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The Mayas have blown many people away with their semifinals performance after Tuesday’s highlight show on “America’s Acquired Expertise.” As a 13-year veteran of the show, Mandel said the performance of this group was the best he had seen. Having watched each of the Mayyas’ seasons and episodes and watching every technology show accessible, I have by no means observed a better second on a technology show,” he said.

According to Kristy Sellars, has reached out to her about “a chance.” Having seen 36 hypnotic, powerful, beautiful creatures come together and form one hypnotic creature with professionalism, creativity, and authenticity, I could have watched them for all two hours.

My favourite thing I’ve ever seen was the Mayas. When you factor in where they’re from and who they’re, that’s my favourite thing I’ve ever seen.” He believes the Mayya sisters’ performance and mission of empowering women worldwide can inspire countless women as the father of two daughters. I believe that women must be empowered and treated equally,” he said.

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The moment

The 66-year-old television character praised a Lebanese all-female dance at the pink carpet show. As Mandel continued to address Lebanese media outlets, he said, “I believe in your part of the world, a subject that is even greater than usual. The tradition isn’t knocked, but it’s much more durable for them, so they can do the things they like and be as creative as they want, giving my heart a lot more energy.

“What a fantastic idea. As Simon says, it may change the world, and it might even change folks’ perceptions of your world.” After explaining how he had remained profitable during his 45-year career in the leisure field, Mandel joked. In his opinion, he performs his job very, very well. During auditions, had given the Mayyas the golden buzzer for their efficiency, jumping on stage to hug them. The 50-year-old “Fashionable Household” alumna said it was magical watching 36 women dance as one. “I think you’ll be ready for Vegas,” told the Mayas.