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Exciting Things To Know About The New Home Of Prince William And Kate Middleton

and were moving out of London for a quieter life in Windsor Park. The couple and their three children, , Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, now reside in Adelaide Cottage, which sits on the grounds of Windsor Castle, where the queen like since March 2020. The new home is a big chance for the family members, where the comparatively quaint home has four bedrooms, and the family announced that they would not have live-in help.

Facts of the new cottage

In 1831, the Adelaide cottage was built as a summer retreat for Queen Adelaide. She is the first person to occupy it on her birthday on 12th August. It had two main rooms and an additional room for the queen and the pages. A palace building characterized the building, but the quaint elegance of the Old English School’s domestic architecture is embellished in order. The cottage was built using materials from the , most of which had been demolished in 1830. 

Transferred from Royal Lodge

Royal Landscape: The gardens and Parks of Windsor, the covered veranda, the port cohere, the decorated roofline, the French windows, and even the roof tiles and chimney could all have been transferred from the Royal Lodge. The queen transfers the furniture from the Royal Lodge for the new retreat. The cottage had been newly redecorated before the king and queen’s return from Brighton. 

The primary bedroom features a coved ceiling decorated with gilded dolphins and rope ornaments reused from the Yacht. Sir Jeffry Wyatville designed the cottage and came from a highly regarded architectural dynasty. The architect added towers, turrets, and crenellations, giving the castle its Gothic appearance. He is also known for additions and renovations, where he completed alterations on Chatsworth House. 

Adelaide Cottage became a grace and favor home in 1941, where the term for properties which are owned by the monarch and often leased rent-free to members of the . In October 1975, Adelaide Cottage was listed as a Grade II building on the National Heritage List for England, which designates buildings of architectural or historic interest. It was listed as picturesque, and its marble Graeco-Egyptian fireplace, stucco façade with elaborate pierced bargeboards, and south entranced flanked by a pair of diagonally set chimneys with stepped bases.

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