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‘Evil’ Erika Jayne: Jennifer Lawrence calls her out on RHOBH

In her opinion of , the star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 12, does not hold back her opinions. In an interview on Saturday, September 10, the Oscar winner said, “It wasn’t the best season, but we’ll finish it.

We have quite Dubai and we’re done with Dubai.” During the Toronto International Film Festival, the pair toured their Causeway but seemed happy to talk about lighter topics. I think Erika is evil, and I think she needs to hire a publicist . Lawrence said he’s frustrated with this season because “it’s just been boring.”

Jayne, 51, should’ve sought advice from her costars, who should’ve noticed how she came across. Lawrence recalled a scene when had lipstick smeared on her face for hours, and no one mentioned it on a Real Housewives of New York episode when looked out for her and tried to like. She did not do the Dorinda thing. Then Lawrence smiled and stopped, realizing her enthusiasm was becoming more apparent. “Ah no, I’m not talking about that,” Lawrence said, recalling when they were in Colombia, and Dorinda was wearing Joker makeup, and just talked to her and left her out there.

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“RHOBH” Season 12: The Legal Struggle of Erika Jayne

As for Henry, he did not want to get into a tiff with Dorinda or Erika. “We’re fine, don’t drag me into this,” he offered. She made headlines when, in November 2020, she filed for divorce from Tom Girardi, her husband, after 21 years of marriage. After a month of embezzling settlement funds from the Lion Air Flight 610 victims’ families, the Dancing With the Stars alum and her husband were charged with embezzling $2 million. Jayne was sued by Edelson PC at the time, who claimed she and Girardi were “on the verge of financial collapse” after her divorce from Girardi, 83.

We obtained documents that show Jayne was being sued. The Illinois Attorney General dismissed all charges of fraud and embezzlement against Jayne in January 2022. According to our review of court documents filed in the Northern District of Illinois, the plaintiff’s lawsuit against defendants and EJ Global LLC has been dismissed without prejudice and charges.

Changing legal battles of Erika Jayne

While she maintains her innocence, viewers are uncomfortable with her ongoing legal issues and the circumstances surrounding the arrest. She later apologized for yelling at , 14, and flirting with Garcelle’s eldest son, Oliver, 31, at Garcelle’s birthday party in July. We reported in May that the “Pretty Mess” singer wasn’t proud of her behavior on the Real Housewives. It’s not a big deal that I mixed alcohol with antidepressants. I didn’t realize it would cause you to get so drunk, but it did,” the Bravo personality said.

We move on. “I do not have a problem; we learn from this experience. And we do, right?” If you saw a moment, you might have thought, “Is that Erika?” And the answer is that I was that person.” She continued: “It was extremely difficult at that time because there were moments when I didn’t want to get out of bed; there were days when I didn’t want to get out of bed. And let’s be honest, sometimes these women are kind of boring. So you have a drink and then another drink. Then, you’re wondering, “Where am I?” It wasn’t that I was drinking a lot. I just drank while on medication.”