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Even after the film was axed, Scoob! Holiday Haunt gets a score

Scoob: the animated sequel’s score! As of now, is being recorded, but nobody is going to hear the music. In recent days, it has been reported that .

Both Batgirl and Scoob had been axed by Discovery! With each film practically completed, Holiday Haunt continues. The studio is not planning to release either film in theaters or on streaming services.

Despite this, producer Tony Cervone is not about to waste money. His Instagram post reveals that stage musicians are creating the score for the film.

According to Cervone’s caption in the post, the stage and musicians had already been paid, so it’s likely they’ll finish the movie’s score, even if it’s unlikely fans will hear it.

“So what do you do when the movie is canceled, but the stage and musicians have already been paid for? Record the damn score!” Cervone said.

In a recent interview, co-writer also expressed his shock at ! Haunted Holiday gets the boot. As Dini noted on Twitter, it didn’t make much sense to ax a film that was almost finished, given how much work had gone into it.

At test screenings, Dini also noted that audiences seemed to enjoy the film, which further challenged the decision to pull it.

Here’s the lowdown on what’s going on at Warner Bros. The discovery. The new Warner Bros. According to Discovery CEO , upcoming movies and shows will have a new strategy.

Zaslav says they are giving their slate a “reset” and focusing exclusively on producing high-quality movies. In other words, if we read between the lines, it appears that Warner Bros. Scoob wasn’t impressed with what Discovery had to say! Testing was going well for Holiday Haunt, despite a slow start.

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