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Eternals 2 moving forward, Chloe Zhao returning, says Patton Oswalt

At least according to , a second Eternals movie is in the works. He announced during an appearance on The Today Show last week that a sequel to last year’s ensemble film is on its way, and will return as director. Oswalt voices Pip the Troll in the post-credits scene of the MCU film. According to Oswalt, “they have announced there will be an Eternals sequel.”

Chloé Zhao will direct the film. So, we hope Starfox and Pip have more adventures together.”There has been no announcement that a sequel will be released by Marvel Studios. A $200 million budget was spent on the first Eternals, which grossed $402.1 million worldwide last November.

One of the lowest-rated MCU films among critics, it performed much better with audiences, ranking higher than the first two Thor films, Captain America: The First Avenger, and both sequels to Iron Man.

A post-credits sequence introduced Pip and Starfox, the latter played by , and set up a sequel. While promised we’d see more of Starfox and Pip, he has yet to discuss a second Eternals film.

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