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End of Friendship: John Legend clarifies his comments on Kanye West

“I would rather not carry on with a life that is so consumed by legislative issues that could not be a determinant of who can be my companion and who can’t. Yet, values matter and character matters and moral compass matters,”  opened up on his relationship with Kanye.

They were once companions and teammates. However, their relationship started to break two or a long time back when Kanye, who presently goes by “Ye,” was all “MAGA” and attempting to turn into the following leader of the United States.

Speculations for the relationship end

End of Friendship John Legend clarifies his comments on Kanye West

Recall August when John Legend uncovered why he and  are no longer companions. While he was really sincere in his comments to CNN’s The Ax Files have , he just explained them in another meeting with the New Yorker.

While many reports have referred to his help for  as the sole justification for their aftermath, John has made sense of it in any case. The “strain” started after he decided not to help Ye’s official run.

He proceeded, “I don’t have the foggiest idea what will occur from now on, however, he was very angry with him that he didn’t uphold him and he upheld . It ultimately depends on him whether he can move beyond that.”

The difference in political thoughts

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Even though they don’t adjust strategically, John said that is not necessary for his connections. He didn’t feel that legislative issues ought to be everything in the connections, and the associations with individuals shouldn’t entirely be set in stone by who they decided in favor of. And yet, he accepted that specific things we have faith in are marks of the person, which will influence the companionships.

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At the point when Ye ran for president, he ran on a whimsical stage that called for things like the rebuilding of school petitions and backing for innovativeness and human expression. It was a questionable offer because of multiple factors, yet for John, the most disappointing thing was that he was shown up at the Trump Lobby.

Future of the relationship

“I don’t have any idea how mindful he was of the way that there was such a lot of Trump staff all through his mission, fund-raising for him, getting petitions finished paperwork for him, getting him on the voting form,” John said of his former companion.

“I considered their work for his sake to be a reasonable trick and an activity to attempt to siphon Black votes from Biden, so it was impossible that I planned to help it. Kanye was annoyed with that, and we haven’t been companions since, truly.” And except if Ye gets the “apologies” he’s requested from John, it’ll presumably remain as such.


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