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Eminem’s feud with the ‘Couch Potato’ singer surprises fans

’s conflict with and fans are in disbelief as Al Yankovic is a cool person, raising the question of what would have caused the dispute between them.

The legendary rapper Eminem

Eminem, the 21st-century rap music legend loved by his millions of fans, who made it to the top by giving mega-hits and known for selling millions of records of his rap music, had major conflicts and gained notoriety during his on-stage performance. This rapper frequently engages in stage fights and is always willing to bash another celebrity, no matter who they are or where they came from in the industry.

And now fans are in disbelief at his game of feud with Strange Al Yankovic. The rapper gained popularity at the Y2K with fresh and original lyrics that sought attention and grabbed a huge fan base. He had all the skills and the potential right from the initial collaboration stage with Dr. Dre, who changed everything and became the driving force that led Eminem’s rap music invasion.

Eminem’s feud with the 'Couch Potato' singer surprises fans

After reaching commercial success, Eminem emerged as a legend and was considered the most talented lyricist ever to perform. And this popularity made him the biggest-selling rapper of all time, a pinnacle that any other musician cannot cross. 

He is also notorious for getting involved with the feud and has gained huge media attention through his act. A thorough list of all the people with whom Eminem has had disputes was put up by NME in 2020. To put it mildly, some of the names are disturbing and shocking as hell For instance, he had a feud with .

Eminem’s secret marriage exposed

In 1999, Eminem got married to the love of his wife Kim in a confidential wedding and Christina Aguilera exposed the secret wedding during her MTV special What A Girl Wants, and she briefed on the negative effects of physical violence in relationships.

According to the website, Eminem conveyed his annoyance on ‘The Real Slim Shady’ when she revealed the secret. Next to Christina Aguilera were , Everlast, , , , , , and others added to the list of the feud. His feud with Al Yankovic is strange as he is always called the nicest guy in the industry. 

It all started with the ‘Cough Potato’

Eminem’s feud with the 'Couch Potato' singer surprises fans (2)

According to the AV Club, it is said that Yankovic decided to use Eminem’s Academy Award-winning song, “Lose Yourself,” as the base for which Eminem agreed. The song “Couch Potato,” was established. This song mocked Americans’ fixation with TV. He planned to stop the project; Eminem came up with a parody “would be bad to his image or career” as the time came to make a music video and planned to sell it as the lead single on Yankovic’s upcoming album Poodle Hat,

When Al Yankovic was questioned on Eminem’s reaction, he replied, 

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“I’m not mad at Eminem. He’s entitled to his feelings. I thought it was unusual because he’s a funny guy and he’s done funny parodies in his videos. He did that great parody of” Purple Rain” — what was it,” 8 Mile”? I loved that movie,”  

And when Eminem was interviewed  After that, Al “interviewed” Eminem, and while the piece was entertaining, it was also used to mock him. The tape has been available online for a long time, and part of it hasn’t held up so well.

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