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Ellen Burstyn explained why she urged to come back to an ‘Exorcist’ Sequel

In the Stardom, is known for her portrayals of complicated women in dramas. She receives numerous accolades, including an , a , and two Primetime . This news article shows why she is urged to return to the ‘Exorcist’ Sequel.

A widely celebrated film of the stardom

In 1973, Ellen Burstyn appeared in a leading role as in the widely-celebrated horror film The Exorcist.

The hit film spawned several sequels and a TV series adaptation, but Ellen Burstyn had never revisited the franchise, not even for a special cameo appearance.

It has since been reported that a new legacy sequel to The Exorcist is in development at Blumhouse.

A comeback of Oscar-nominated stardom after decades

In a recent discussion, Ellen Burstyn opens up on her surprise return to the series after five decades. The legendary actress admits that she initially turned down the new film until another offer came in that was much harder to refuse.

Even though it wasn’t so much the money, it was the opportunity to help out rising actors that had gotten her interest, and once that had worked out, Ellen Burstyn was happy to sign on.

Has she covered the scenes in the actor’s studio?

No, but I think that’s a good example of what training helps an actor to realize. That’s using one’s imagination to respond to imaginary stimuli.

Because, after all, I’d never experienced anything like that. So, I had to use my imagination to go there in a way that became real to me.

That’s what we’re always working for — how to make the imaginary circumstances real to us so that we respond to them as though they are real. They’re inside, and that’s the work of imagination.

When are the reshoots for the stardom?

Ellen Burstyn also praised the film’s director and mentioned how she has more shooting to do in November. It will still be a bit of waiting for admirers to see the movie.

However, Ellen Burstyn also notes how the new Exorcist sequel will be coming out in 2024; It has previously been reported that the movie would be out in 2023.

David Gordon Green directs the film using a screenplay co-written with Peter Sattler with a story by David Gordon Green, Peter Sattler, and Scott Teems.

The film is based on the original novel by and the first feature film adaptation by director . Along with Ellen Burstyn, the new film stars Leslie Odom Jr. and Ann Dowd.

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