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Ecstatic! A male Italian director became eminent as a born woman in L’immensita

is an screenwriter and director. He studied filmmaking in . He graduated in 1995, then he made several short films, including Heartless in 1994, and his first feature film was Once we Were Strangers in 1997. 

At the , he presented his highly autobiographical movie starring Penelope Cruz. 

L’immensita is an Italian song

L’immensita focuses on an Italian family growing up in 1970s Rome. Here the eldest daughter identifies as a boy throwing fuel where the relations between her mother, played by Cruz, and her abusive, unfaithful father are. 

Crialese said that it was one of his inspired childhood stories. In 2011, his last film won the Special at Venice.

Crialese speaks publicly about his transition as he was born a woman, but that does not make him a huge part of the female character. He made the sudden choice of whether to live or die. 

He does not reveal any details of his transition but says his often tender film relied on his mother for support and recognized the anxiety it caused her.

Cruz played the mother role in L’immensita

The character of Cruz buckles the weight of her overbearing husband and a troubled trio of children when the scars of living in an unhappy household. 

Cruz was one of the best actresses as she was awarded in Venice last year for . Her character caught herself in a situation from which there was no escape. 

Cruz told the reporters that many women worldwide are trapped in their homes as they pretend in front of their children that nothing looks bad and it’s just survival. 

Cruz played a mother role in L’immensita, a long-line film. She felt drawn to a young age in her native.