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Dreadful Incident ! Tanya Pardazi, a TikTok star, dies after an atrocious Skydiving experience

was mourned for her tragic death In a incident during a funeral

A 21-year-old Canadian Influencer and a Philosophy Student from the University of Toronto died on August 27.

She suffered injuries from a Skydiving jump when her Parachute was brought into a weak position, and she suffered injuries on her body.

She was rushed to a memorial at Richmond Hill on September 2.

A guest at her funeral delivered a few words in her memory

“What Tanya did during 21 years, I think many people fail to fulfill even in 80 or 90 years,” one of the guests said in a eulogy delivered at the funeral.”

It was featured online by Funeral Center, but no one can identify the speaker yet.

Tanya’s funeral had all the family and friends wear white, sit before a white casket, and watch a medley of pictures from Tanya’s life. 

A song from ’s album “” played in the background while the pictures on the screen ran.

Another guest read 18 things Tanya learned by her 18th birthday. 

One is “Don’t take yourself so seriously; nothing matters in the grand scheme anyway.”

Tanya’s childhood friend told a news channel it was a solo SkyDive of Tanya with Skydive Toronto.

Skydive Toronto posted a statement via Fb on August 29

“a skydiving student aged 21 succumbed to fatal injuries obtained from an emergency.”

The Firm said the Skydiver released a rotating parachute at a low altitude immediately for the Parachute to inflate.

The student was welcomed to their other skydiving group. The Firm is now working with the South Simcoe group on the investigation.

The police department said, investigating a skydiving incident, a woman was injured after jumping off a plane. A local Skydiving company organized the experience.

The woman was hospitalized and later declared dead.

Pardazi’s friends are sad and mourn as they won’t get to spend the time they lost in a tragic Skydiving Accident.