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Does Celebrity Jeopardy have a new format

is the host of the show, and this time surprises not just new celebs but the format of the show.

Season gets dropped on September 25th.

Stars on a test

Celebs are put to the test in the show Celebrity Jeopardy. This fall with a twist. announced the show’s sequence to be laid out in a 13-week tournament.

The show’s executive producer, , revealed the new format as it will feature long-cast shows and not just 30mins.

Davies said they had gotten an amazing response from the fans and stars. He promised a very authentic experience with this forthcoming season.

Fans like to see Celebs under pressure, is what he said

The show host, Mayim, also stated that the celebs wouldn’t get any passes. There are a few formats of the OG Jeopardy with the celebs.

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A video was released early on Twitter, saying Let’s wish they are not just reading screenplays but adding more to it. Celebrity Jeopardy to feature on ABC on September 25th.