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Do experts unmask King of pop, Michael Jackson’s tragic death was destined

What did his physician mention during that time?

— his physician at the time —took the brunt of the blame for the pop star’s demise. A jury found him guilty of improperly administering Propofol. This drug killed , and he served nearly two years of a four-year prison sentence.

“It was not a big deal; he had been using it for decades,” Dr. claimed to one media, noting that Michael Jackson “was able to push the propofol himself, and the doctors allowed him to do it, and that was OK.”

What, a threatening update about his death in a documentary?

A new documentary, “Who Really Killed Michael Jackson,” threatens to blow the lid off his tragic climax.

, the LAPD detective assigned to Michael Jackson‘s death, said in the documentary that things were a lot more “complicated” than they initially appeared, and the “Thriller” singer’s “destined” death had taken years to make.

In the documentary, Orlando Martinez laid bare his thoughts on Michael Jackson‘s death and the events that led to it: “Michael Jackson was going to get what he wanted. And if you said no, he would find someone who would do it for him,” the detective explained, adding that “there are a lot of folks who are to blame that have never had a reckoning for his death.” 

What were other claims regarding his death?

As per the resources, Ed Winter, the assistant chief coroner for LA County, corroborated these claims. He alleged that Michael Jackson had been taking “Gatorade”-size bottles of Propofol, a powerful anesthetic that Michael Jackson was using as a sleep aid at the time of his death.

Winter’s claim that Michael Jackson had created 19 false identities to obtain the drugs is even more shocking. 

“He had numerous, different professional experts that he was involved with, and he would go to ‘Doctor A’ and ask for a sedative, and then he would go to ‘Doctor B’ and may ask for the same one,” the singer’s plastic surgeon, , alleged. 

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He said Michael Jackson was largely responsible for his death — but that he “certainly had a lot of assistance from the medical community.”