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Did Serena Williams get a tribute from Coco Gauff after a kickass open win

A splendid on-court tribute by to as she booked herself in the second round of the US open straight sets on the opening win.

The greatest Defeat on the court

Coco defeated France player in an hour and 20 minutes, with the courtesy of 6-2,6-3 for the win.

The game was played on Arthur Ashe’s court for the first time. Gauff missed her two points during her first round.

Coco, 18, however, rose to victory with a booming forehand down the line and a second round against Australia’s .

Coco’s first win

Coco said it was her first-ever win and her 4th match on the court. She thanked everyone who came to support her on the court.

Whenever you win a match, it’s a good day. I was extremely nervous before coming down to play on the court, but once you calm down, it’s all fun and games.

She didn’t realize she had lost two points, concentrating only on hitting as hard as possible.

Gauff admits to liking most of the and would love to watch Williams as she slams the match in the evening.

Coco paid tribute to Williams as she said Serena had been her inspiration all this while

Serena and her legacy are well known. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Serena, says Coco.

She asked the fans to cheer for Serena. She asks fans to join the stadium to cheer and applaud for Serena to see some serious game.

Coco spoke of Serena’s retirement before being tournament and William’s impact on all Black athletes.

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Gauff spoke about her interest in Tennis rising because of Gauff, and as you grow, you see the Number 1 player in the world looks similar to you, so there is hope to be there to play it and win big.

There is a lot to learn from Serena for Coco 

It is one of the most heartwarming tributes ever given to a player.

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