HomeRoyal Family NewsDid Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s’ striking’ hand holding violate the rules

Did Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s’ striking’ hand holding violate the rules

Prince showed “Great sign for their relationship” by greeting people together

A royal expert told News Media that holding ’s hand was a “loving show of support.”

After a short service honoring II on Wednesday, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle showed their love for each other in public. People had different reactions to this. As they left Westminster Hall, Prince Harry and his wife walked hand in hand. The other royal couples in the procession walked with their arms at their sides. 

Shannon Felton Spence, an expert on the , told a certain news channel that the action was probably a “loving show of support” for Prince Harry, but she stressed that the royal family was “on the job.” Spence said, “There are no formal ‘rules’ against PDA, but we don’t often see it from the royals because, most of the time, we see them at work.”

“They are trying to look as professional as possible. When we see William and Catherine out, they are colleagues who are also husband and wife.”

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They show public adoration at less formal gatherings

Spence said that members of the royal family, like and , show affection in public, but they usually do so at less formal events. “It does happen,” she said, “but usually only in the right setting or at a less formal event, like when they are playing a sport.” “That’s why it’s so surprising that Harry and Meghan have always been so openly affectionate with each other.

Social media users had diverse responses to Harry and Meghan holding hands

“It’s not unusual for a husband and wife to do this; we’re just not used to seeing it from the royals while they’re on the job.” A few times, people have seen Kate Middleton and Prince William holding hands in public.

People on social media reacted differently to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex holding hands on Wednesday. Some people said Markle was “helpful,” while others said she had “no class.” “Prince Harry is so lucky to have Meghan Markle as his wife. One person said, “The best of the British royal family.”

“Harry and Meghan, don’t let go of each other. I find it funny that people are upset about it. Lol,” another added. One person wrote, “I see Meghan still couldn’t get through the whole service without holding on to Harry. She had to hold his hand on the way out. She has no class.”

“It’s too bad. “All Meghan and Harry had to do to get attention were hold hands,” said another. “Completely wrong, but what else would you expect?” Other people on social media pointed out that Markle and Prince Harry weren’t the only royal couple to hold hands on Wednesday.

Spence advised journalists that Harry and Meghan should hold hands

Princess Anne’s daughter and her husband walked to Westminster Hall holding hands. But it’s important to remember that neither of them is a royal. A royal expert, Spence, told the media that it made sense for Harry and Meghan to hold hands. “I’ll let them off the hook for what they did today when they walked out of Westminster Hall,” she said. “That procession had to be very upsetting for Harry, and they’re all sad.”

Markle and Prince Harry have been seen together in public before. At the end of the Invictus Games in 2017, before he married the Duchess of Sussex, the prince gave her a peck on the cheek. At the time, the move put the two of them in the news.

Since then, they’ve kissed on the lips at a few events, including a polo game in 2018. People said that kiss was like the one caught on camera between and at a polo game in 1985.

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