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Did Iyanna go to sleep over mean comments or separation from Jarrette?

McNeely and Jones married after a successful season 2 of their hit show. Now the two have parted ways. They announced their separation on social media through a joint post.

Separations are hard, and Iyanna is having a hard time

On the new episode of her podcast, she discussed the comments she received from the fans after the announcement of her separation.
The podcast show had a fellow. Star of her show .
Iyanna disclosed this to her co-host and . A fellow Love is a Blind Co-star. Her fans’ reaction was so bad it made her cry and ripped her apart.

She stated

I should’ve [done] what Jarrette did and turned off the comments, to begin with,” she explained. “But I couldn’t help myself, and by the end of that day, I cried.
The response was rather overwhelming.

People are mean, she said. Making assumptions about someone you don’t know and saying anything was a lesson for Iyanna.


A girl’s night

She spoke about her Girl’s night with her, Blind costars Danielle Ruhl and Deepti Vempati. She has a lot of emotional support now. It is just the criticism gets to her head sometimes.

Two weeks ago, they announced the separation on Instagram and how they have given much thought to this and are getting ready for the divorce.

In a long post, the duo added their parts are way too different from each other, and this has been a tough decision for them as it is only the right and best thing for them.
They ended the post by asking for space from their supporters.

There is no room for regret, as it taught them. A lot, the good, the bad, the bright, the vulnerable.
Mc Neeley also posted the same thing but kept the comments closed.
The duo met on the Hit Love is Blind sets and ultimately kicked it off together.

They even walked down the aisle, but as it is said, some bumps hit off pretty soon. They had different lifestyles but chose to work it off as love does to us.


Marriage is not easy

If anybody tries to tell you it is, that’s a lie,” Jones said in the trailer released last week, while McNeely added, “Is this a mistake that we made?
McNeeley and Jones weren’t the only couples. Who got married? Season 2.

Earlier, Ruhl and Thompson had filed for a divorce before the news of Iyanna and McNeeley’s separation was out.

Love is Blind is available on Netflix.