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Diana Jenkins Hints At Her Exit From Rhobh Through A Confusing Post; Teddi And Tamra Discuss Diana’s Post On The Podcast

In an post on Sunday, indicates her exit from the . She had appeared virtually at the union of season 12 amidst the 19 diagnosis.

Fans questioned Diana’s absence on not attending the Season 12 reunion of RHOBH

She was spotted with her daughter at an Aquarium but didn’t attend the reunion in person. In her Instagram post, she spoke something about endings with a wave emoji.

and have also discussed Diana’s Instagram post on their podcast.

Diana’s Instagram post read,” Sunsets are proof that endings can be beautiful too.” The caption was followed with a praying hand, orange heart, and waving emoji.

Diana’s post was hinting at her exit from the RHOBH. A lot of followers and fans have assumed so with her caption.

The comments followed Jenkins’s post by her fans

One asked, “Are you cryptically saying that you are not returning to RHOBH?”

While the other questioned, “Is that a subtle hint … orange heart and waving? Are you leaving the show?”

The third said, “Let’s hope the ending you’re talking about is your time on Housewives.”

Many followers were excited about her exit from the show. While her fans believe she has more to portray and give in to the show.

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Teddi and Tamra’s take on Diana’s Exit

The recent podcast Two T’s in a Pod discussed Diana’s caption on the podcast. The duo agreed on Diana’s caption hints at her exit from the RHOBH as there is no approach of Diana on Season 13.

Teddi said, “If she’s not even bothering to show up to the reunion, whether she has COVID or not, like we can assume like in this world there’s a chance somebody isn’t feeling well, who knows, but she wants to end the show — I would assume she’s done.”

While Tamra agreed with Teddi on her comment about Diana, she added, “I mean, she has not once been on . She doesn’t do any press. She’s not on the After Shows.”

Teddi questioned, “if she hasn’t shown up to the reunion, even though she is zooming in if she doesn’t have COVID, do you think she deserves to be fired like any other Housewife?”

 Tamra answered, “I think they should be fired if they don’t attend the reunion. If you’re not showing up, you need to go.”

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