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Despite the Private Jet Controversy, Tom Holland made a sweet gesture for Zendaya

There is no doubt that and are the sweetest Hollywood couple, and we have yet another reason to believe that. ’s actor ventured from New York to Budapest on a commercial flight this week to spend time with MJ while she filmed Dune: Part Two, which began shooting last month.

As a result, do not expect the private jet controversy to affect Holland shortly. Taylor Swift and Kylie Jenner have received backlash recently for their private plane usage and its environmental impact. Reports claim Swift’s jets shed 8,293 metric tons of emissions in 2022 alone as a result of her private plane use.

But what about Tom Holland? The actor was logged on a now-deleted TikTok as he flew a commercial and knitted next to a stranger who documented his trips on TikTok, an image of Tom Holland knitting mid-air was displayed with an appropriate Taylor Swift track in the background.

The photo had been taken by the friend of the user’s mother. A user commented that the photo was taken just a few days ago. The video matches up with another viral video that went viral this week with Holland and Zendaya hanging out in Budapest in between the actress’ work on Dune.

Currently, Tom Holland is filming a series called The Crowded Room for Apple TV+ with , , and in New York City. Holland managed to reunite with Zendaya without joining the private jet controversy, even though the couple works on separate continents.

Even sweeter is the fact that Tom Holland seems to have taken up Zendaya’s knitting hobby. She has spoken about knitting before as she waited to appear in Spider-Man: No Way Home alongside Holland and the rest of the Spideys, but how cute is it that they are now both knitting? It’s no secret they’ve known each other since they both appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe more than half a decade ago.

Their relationship started as co-stars and friends and then transitioned to dating over time. Since the paparazzi confirmed their relationship last summer, the couple has been more public, posting cute photos on social media. They’re making it work in creative ways even after working on the same sets for multiple Spider-Man movies, but it can’t be easy. As part of the upcoming 2023 movies, Zendaya will return to Dune with a sci-fi sequel due in theaters on November 17, 2023.

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