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DC Movies Have a 10-Year Plan at Warner Bros

. DC’s 10-year plan was recently announced by Discovery CEO . Several DC Comics properties have been underutilized, and even those that have been adapted into films have had mixed results.

In the wake of ’s Batman trilogy’s conclusion, the DCEU has lacked direction. Therefore, they are taking things in a different direction. In an interview with DC fans, David Zaslav assured them the company understands the current situation and is taking steps to make things better.

Following is what he said on a recent earnings call”Quality will be a priority,” Zaslav said. “We will not release any movie before it is ready. There is something we can do better with DC.”After Warner Bros. merged with Discovery, this news follows a massive restructuring.

In addition, it follows mere days after it was announced the movie would be canceled. A change of strategy appears to have been made after the studio had almost finished the film. The studio does not want to make low-budget movies for streaming; they want blockbusters instead.

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It is estimated that Batgirl will cost $100 million in write-offs, but the move has made other DC creators uneasy as well. What is the fate of any movie if Warner Bros. can scrap such a large project without regard for the creators? ‘Black Adam’ will be the next DC movie to hit theaters on October 21, 2022.

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