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Day of our Lives will depart NBC and stream on Peacock. Check Why?

A woman flew almost 500 miles on Friday so her grandmother could watch her favourite soap opera. The “Days of Our Lives” will leave on Monday and move only to Peacock, owned by Comcast Corp., the NBC parent company.

Before the show’s premiere on Monday, she offered to set up Peacock on her grandmother’s TV. They plan on watching the show’s Peacock premiere together.

Having no control over the situation

It holds a special place in Costello’s heart because it was one of the few things that Covid-19 was unable to stop. Because episodes are shot so far in advance, “Days” managed to air a new episode every day during the pandemic.

According to an ad for Peacock, fans of NBCUniversal’s “Days” can catch up on episodes if they sign up by Monday. The streaming service of the company said this would bring in more viewers. It is estimated that about 1.9 million people watch “Days” daily despite declining ratings. They even tune in from their offices, scheduling their lunch break around it.

Cancelled Subscriptions by existing customers

Many fans see it as a good sign that Peacock will not cancel “Days of Our Lives” outright, as other prominent soap operas have. The show wants fans who cancel their subscriptions and sign up with new emails; some have taken advantage of a promotional offer.

The premium version of Peacock is subscribed to by 13 million people in the U.S., not counting cable subscribers who get it for free. The free version of Peacock does not include “Days of Our Lives” when it moves to the premium version on Monday.

Everyone has their

A fictional Midwestern town, , tells the story of characters’ lives from multiple families. Hardcore fans typically root for one family, but many people have a favourite couple. reports that this year, three-quarters of “Days” viewers are 55 and older, compared with slightly more than half in 2013, as with many TV shows.

In contrast to broadcast TV, streaming “Days” has some upsides, fans say. For one thing, no breaking news will interrupt the final episode of “Days.” ’s first speech as was cut short in some markets on Friday, during which the show’s last scene ended.

An interruption caused by

He wrote that the NBC station manager stopped interrupting the Coronavirus briefings of then-New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo in the middle of the pandemic.

The ABC soap opera General Hospital is on Bob Price’s playlist for Monday, so he said he would start watching it. A 56-year-old land surveyor from Pittsburgh, Mr Price, has already subscribed to and Video and does not wish to subscribe to another streaming service.