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Controversial ‘Bachelor in Paradise star DeMario Jackson accused of rape by two women

Defendant has been accused of rape by two women involved in the Bachelor in Paradise misconduct investigation. A complaint was filed in County Superior Court against the former reality star Tuesday, claiming that he forced them into non-consensual sex after taking them on dates.

The women reported the two separate assaults to Center after the separate incidents – using the name Jane Does in court documents. Before agreeing to go out with Jackson, Jane Does one, and Jane Doe 2 said they knew about Jackson's controversial post on The Bachelor franchise.

The two Jane Does say they were aware of Jackson's controversial posts on The Bachelor franchise before they agreed to go out together. During the summer of 2017, Jackson and were caught on camera engaging in a sexual encounter while openly drinking heavily that day.

The dating app aired a reunion

Production of the show briefly halted after the incident. The show involves franchise alums from The Bachelorette and The Bachelor in romantic speed dating in .

At the season reunion for the show, Olympios stated she did not have any hard feelings toward DeMario even though she had originally said she was a “victim.” Jane Doe 1 met Jackson while a senior at the University of Southern just a few months after the Bachelor in aired on the popular dating app Bumble.

Behavior was offensive

Controversial 'Bachelor in Paradise star DeMario Jackson accused of rape by two women

Upon returning from their first date, Jackson kissed her goodnight and exposed his penis, according to the L.A. Times. As Defendant's behavior was offensive, Jane Doe 1 became upset and felt trapped, the complaint says. She tried to set boundaries by telling him that his behavior was unacceptable.

Eventually, the two met again and had consensual sex on their third date. But she claims that things changed after Jackson arrived at her bar, already intoxicated. In the filing, Jane Doe claims he raped her after returning to her apartment, hoping he would “sleep it off.” According to the complaint, Jackson pinned Jane Doe 1 down on the bed and then violently shoved his penis into Jane Doe 1's unlubricated vagina, resulting in a sexual assault.

Using to contact him

The Los Angeles Times examined documents relating to the alleged assault submitted to the LAPD that night by Jane Doe 1. The woman said she met Jackson at an station in 2019. Upon contacting him on Instagram, they agreed to meet at his house.

After learning Jane Doe was on her period, Jackson allegedly requested anal sex with her at his home. Her initial consent was revoked when the intercourse became painful.

Her lawsuit claims he forced her into oral sex by telling her to stop. During FaceTime with LAPD officers, she reported the crime, and Jackson allegedly confessed and apologized for the sexual assault.

Despite the confession, the investigation went unsolved. Jackson did not immediately respond to Rolling Stone's request for comment regarding Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2.

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