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Conscientious fans! How healthy is Syngin Colchester? Syngin Colchester’s fans worry

A picture leaked on shows Syngin Colchester from 90-Day Fiancé. He has been on 90-Day: The Single Life as well. He has been showing his fans how he is finding himself and finding new love.

A picture leaked on social media has left his fans concerned about him. Tania has made numerous accusations against Syngin, ranging from domestic abuse to alcoholism. Tania has been open about their struggles, but Syngin has kept his mouth shut about them.

Sign looked ecstatic

While fans feel he is hiding something, he shows himself to be very adventurous and positive online. In a recent picture he shared in July, the fans felt Syngin looked incredibly happy with his new girlfriend. He looks very satisfied with her, but things seem different in the new picture.

His image was shared on Reddit, showing him in wearing sea-green pants and a white t-shirt. While he appears happy in the picture, fans immediately notice his body. His entire body looked stiff, and his face looked swollen, which concerned his fans about his health.

As pointed out by others

Among Redditers, one wrote that he looked so unhealthy and bloated, which is quite concerning. Others pointed out that compared to those around him, he did look quite bad. He is getting older, said another person.

He looks like a 50-year-old.” A third asked, “Is it because he doesn’t eat right? Is he poor with hygiene?” Even Tania wouldn’t associate herself with him now.” As a result of the breakup with Syngin, Tania has been changing her looks.

The show is well-received by fans

Her makeovers have been posted on , and she looks better than ever. While fans of the show enjoy watching former cast members get glowing, it has been noted that Syngin has had a glowing down since he left the show and Tania.

We will have to watch Syngin on his account to see whether he is doing okay. Many fans believe he is an alcoholic, which is why he looks so unhealthy nowadays. We hope his health improves and he can slow down with drinking.