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‘Claim to Fame’: guessed Logan’s country star relative

ABC’s ‘Claim to Fame’ series

The new series that is airing on ABC is being hosted by and his brother Frankie where 12 celebrities compete against each other to find out the link between their fellow contestants while keeping their famous relatives a secret. 

The winning contestant will receive a cash prize of $100,000. Each week, one person will be designated “the guesser” and must correctly guess the relationship between another contestant’s star and themselves to avoid being eliminated.

In the new clip from the episode “The Puppies Are Off the Leash” above, L.C., Pepper, Louise, and Lark attempt to piece together Logan’s well-known link using their meager knowledge of country music. The women are very much aware that their competitor is related to a business member, but it is difficult to identify which big country star it might be.

Who is that damn Logan

Singer is a competitor on the first season of the new ABC reality series Claim to Fame. The musician shares his funny music clips and videos with his 88K followers on his page.

The show hasn’t revealed who Logan’s celebrity relative is, but fans believe they work their way to claim fame. 

Initially, fans thought Logan to be someone close to Tom Holland, the spider man actor, as viewers thought they looked similar, but now fans are convinced that he is closely related to country Jason Aldean.

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Logan related to Country music star

Logan had previously spilled the beans to the Claim to Fame cast members that he is closely connected to a popular country music star who won the Academy of Country Music award’s biggest award. This created speculation, and viewers thought Logan was someone related to or .

Now fans have started spying skills to identify the other cast members related to the Claim to Fame series. 

Fans now think Dominique resembles Lonni Love, X is Laverne Cox’s brother, and LC is related to either or . Added to this, viewers have a shred of strong evidence that Pepper is Dean Martin’s granddaughter.

Only with time could the guesses be proved if Logan’s family is correct or not. Two housemates have strengthened their friendship, while one is in the process of misleading the other by posing as someone else. But still, with time, trivial details will be learned about all the fellow contestants’ famous relatives.