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Cheryl Burke from ‘Dancing with the Stars opened up about how the show ‘saved’ her life

from “” has opened up about how dancing has “saved” her.

Cheryl Burke fan favorite

Cheryl Burke became a fan favorite when she joined the of “Dancing with the stars” and even won the competition with her co-partner, . She again appeared in season 3 and then won with her partner .

During the show's running, Cheryl Burke faced many ups and downs in her life, and she thanked the show for motivating her despite all her troubles and kept going with the show.

After making , which premiered on Monday, she mentioned Fox News Digital.
“I guess it always goes back to how dancing in a way has saved my life in many ways.”

Also added that

“Whether that is my sobriety or my or when it was really rough last year … dancing has really, this show especially, has helped me take my mind off the stuff that has been really hard to deal with emotionally.”

Being a professional dancer, she admitted that her situation might have been different without the show and the friendship that she created on the show.

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The show served her purpose in life

It was the show that gave her purpose in her life and gave her a family. Had it not been for the show, she would have been depressed and upset and never left home.

She has been having a rough moment and struggling with sobriety and her divorce.

Cheryl Burke's marriage life

Cheryl Burke from 'Dancing with the Stars opened up about how the show 'saved' her life

In 2019, Cheryl Burke and actor got married. After three years of living together, in February 2022, they both announced their divorce, citing irreconcilable differences.

Cheryl Burke took to and addressed their relationship break and asked her fans for some private space. Later posted about her former cheating on her; though she never mentioned who it was, her fans guessed it could be her former husband, Matthew Lawrence.

After a few struggles, the divorce was finalized in September.

Cheryl Burke's sobriety life

In 2018, she quit alcohol after getting engaged, and after two years of continuous sobriety in 2020, she revealed that her engagement was the cause for going sober. Still, the main reason was after her father's demise; she quit alcohol.

In October 2020 episode on the “Pretty Messed Up,” she spoke
“I wasn't drunk, and I wasn't hungover, but it was still when I was drinking. I remember messing up on my choreography … I butchered my routine when I'm supposed to be there for the celebrity, I was self-sabotaging, and from then on I felt like my career plummeted down.”

With “Entertainment Tonight,” she called herself a sober woman with a whole new experience.

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