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Cassadee Pope and Maren Morris Call Out Jason Aldean’s Wife Brittany for Transphobic Remarks

About Maren Larae

Maren Larae Morris is a vocalist from the United States. While her music is rooted in the nation, it also incorporates elements of pop, R & B, and hip-hop. Morris, who was born and raised in Arlington, Texas, liked singing as a child. She began to perform openly in her adolescence and went on tour all through her life.

Maren Morris famous for 

It wasn’t until she published her self-titled EP, Maren Morris, that she gained widespread attention. The EP, which included her soon-to-be debut single “My Church,” received 2.5 million Spotify flows and charted on the Viral 50.

Maren Morris said

“Isn’t it so simple to not be a scumbag human?” Maren Morris responded to Brittany Aldean’s posts. “Sell your clip-ins and get out of here, Uprising Barbie.” Brittany Aldean, the wife of country singer Jason Aldean, is facing backlash after making a transphobic joke on Instagram.

Brittany wrote 

“I’d like to thank my mother for not changing my gender during my tomboy phase.” “I love this girly life,” Brittany wrote previously this week, on Aug. 23, as a tagline to a before-and-after makeup video set to Beyoncé’s 2006 song “Upgrade U” (despite Beyoncé’s status as an LGBTQ+ ally). Jason responded with a laughing emoji in the remarks, “Lmao!! I’m glad they didn’t, since you and I wouldn’t have gotten along.”

In a longer statement shared on Instagram Stories

Brittany enlarged on her uninvited thoughts on transgender youth and their rights to gender-affirming care in a longer declaration via Instagram on Friday (Aug. 26): “One of the worst evils is trying to advocate for genital mutilation of children under the guise of love and calling it ‘gender asserting care.’ “I will always stand by my children and do everything in my ability to protect one‘s ignorance,” she wrote.

Memphis recently expressed an interest 

“Today Memphis wants to be a dinosaur, and  wants to be a cat.” They are kids. Some Mom and Dad are so desperate to be acknowledged by the culture that they are prepared to make life-changing decisions for their children who aren’t old enough to truly understand the consequences of their decisions. Love is protecting your child until they are old enough to make their own decisions in life as adults. “I’m grateful that my parents let me go through my tomboy phase without modifying my gender.”