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‘Carter’ director explains the Netflix film’s opening scene, shot in one take over 20 minutes

Director explained that the scene didn’t appear in the original script because the film was getting a streaming release instead of a theatrical one. Jung Byung-Gil explained how Netflix’s streaming format influenced Carter’s striking opening scene.

As Jung told The , the action-packed opening was not in the original script and was prompted by the fact that the was being released on a streaming service. In the original script, the film’s opening was different.

To capture the eyes of viewers, I wanted to use strong visual imagery from the very beginning of ‘Carter’,” Jung said. Smartphones and laptops would be used to watch this show. From the beginning, I wanted to give them a much stronger impression of the importance of staying tuned.

Jung is well-known for his 2017 hit action movie The Villainess, which featured a motorcycle fight shot from the first-person perspective. It follows Agent Carter, who awakens two months into a deadly pandemic originating from the DMZ that has devastated both the US and North Korea.

Carter is now available on Netflix. Having no memory of his past, he discovers a mysterious device in his head and a lethal bomb in his mouth. His ears are filled with orders and he’s thrown into a mysterious operation with the CIA and North Korean coup close at hand.

A consideration that the film would be watched at home also led Jung to take extra care with its sound design. There are different levels of speakers for each viewer. Various devices are used to watch content, such as TVs, smartphones, and laptops. The Korean Times reported Jung said the film could be heard the same way on any occasion.


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