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Carson Kressley was shocked when Jackie’s identity was revealed

The Conclusion of Friday`s Show

The conclusion of Friday’s show included Jackie Would’s elimination from RuPaul’s Secret Celebrity Drag Race 2 and his subsequent unmasking. Judge Carson Kressley was somewhat taken aback when he learned the man wearing the Jackie Would mask was actually an old acquaintance and former co-star.

Before the evicted queen left the set permanently and collected his $5,000 grand prize, the two had a brief reconciliation on the stage. After being named the week’s biggest loser, Thom Filicia of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, was revealed by Jackie Would in the customary reveal. Carson, who was hardly able to conceal his shock, quickly identified the person behind the Jackie character.

Carson Claim

Carson Kressley, a veteran Drag Race judge, claimed he didn’t identify his pal, who appeared with him on Bravo’s getting a Room With Carson & Thom. After the revealed star started speaking, he realized what was going on. The participant in RuPaul’s Secret Celebrity Drag Race admitted he frequently wondered if and when Carson Kressley will learn his true identity.

The interior designer was grateful that the program allowed him to participate and raise money for his nonprofit organization, The Bone Marrow Foundation. Jackie Would’s performance over the past two weeks wasn’t particularly encouraging; he barely managed to compete while receiving subpar grades. The drag queen had one more opportunity on Friday’s broadcast to establish his eligibility to continue the competition, and he took it, working hard to earn a higher score.

Another Undiscovered Talent

Another undiscovered talent, Donna Bellisima, who sang a charming rendition of I Don’t Want It All by Kim Petra, also came in last place. The judges thought the mystery star lost the audience along the way by concentrating less on Donna and more on the props, despite the fact that the performance was terrific. Following the night’s finale, Jackie and Donna were placed last, with Chakra 7 and Chic-Li-Fay finishing first.

The Lip Sync For Your Life competition pitted the two lowest scorers against one another to the tune of Ain’t Nothing Goin’ on But the Rent by Gwen Guthrie. Jackie had to contend with elimination while Donna received another week on the show for her faultless performance of the song.