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Caroline Stanbury of RHODubai responds to her husband Sergio’s ‘Racist Tweets’

’s husband is in the spotlight due to his prior racial remarks

One of the Househusbands from Real Housewives of Dubai is being bitten by the past. On August 31, during the first segment of the season one reunion of the , Caroline Stanbury was put on the spot in defense of her boyfriend, Sergio Carrillo.

When host Andy Cohen read a question from a viewer about a purportedly old tweet from Sergio that had just started to circulate on social media, the questioning got underway. intervened before Stanbury could answer and stated her opinion: “Oh, the racist tweets?”

The post immediately gained widespread attention

Then the post in question, which was reportedly posted in 2016, showed up on the screen and contained a racial epithet. Lesa claimed that the group had not yet discussed it, but Caroline Brooks later admitted that she had spoken to Sergio directly after the post gained widespread attention. “That morning when I saw it when it surfaced,” Brooks remembered, “Caroline called me first—angry, pissed—then I got on the phone with him because he was extremely upset.”

A ‘teach team’ was hired to investigate

Regarding whether or not the former pro soccer player wrote the controversial tweet, Sara Al Madani said she recruited a “tech team” to determine its authenticity, and the results turned out to be in Sergio’s favor. “They investigated everything,” Sara explained, “and it wasn’t attached to his . Somebody used his Twitter to promote an R&B nightclub because he was famous back then. He said someone else wrote it to promote it.”Brooks acknowledged being “indifferent” to the situation but would not say whether she agreed with the results of the technical investigation.

Stanbury didn’t go into further detail, but she did acknowledge Sergio’s relative inexperience in the industry. She also said that she urged him, “Before you start something like this—never he’s been on TV like this or in the public eye like that—just check everything,” before the season even started filming.

Sergio is the least racist person

She continued “And he hadn’t gone that far back,” she continued, “but he apologized to whoever he thought he should. Sergio is the least racist person.”The Real Housewives of Dubai airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.