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Brennan Elliott opens up about his wife’s cancer journey and the support of her fans

, best known for dramas like Cedar Cove and playing ’s partner in the Crossword Mysteries, has been battling at home. The cancer he was treating had spread to his wife, Cami, who has been diagnosed with metastatic gastric cancer.

’s Elliott broke the news previously, and he recently spoke about what it felt like to let fans know about his private struggles at home with his wife. Brennan Elliott had announced his wife’s cancer diagnosis in an Instagram post in April, calling her “fearless” despite having to face an opponent “that never plays fair.”

At the time, Elliott said he generally prefers to keep work and personal lives separate, but he and his wife ultimately decided to share the news with his fans. They hoped that being open and honest might help someone who is suffering from cancer or knows someone who is suffering in kind.

A few months later, the Hallmark star attended Christmas Con with several other Hallmark stars and spoke to People about how his wife is doing, as well as how a slew of people supported Cami simultaneously after seeing the post.

Moreover, he told the outlet that Cami Elliott is still in the midst of a cancer battle. Even though things seem to be going well and “there is no evidence of disease,” the couple is not painting a very positive picture about the experience, calling cancer “an absolute nightmare.”.

However, Brennan Elliott revealed that it was “OK” for her not to be fine, as well as specifics of her chemotherapy treatment. In the past, Cami has battled cancer, and this chemo journey also sounds long and challenging to her.

The actor’s fans appreciate the couple’s honesty in telling them what’s been going on at home, and it reminds us that people often have struggles behind closed doors that others may not be aware of. Amid this whole ordeal, Elliott has been working on a new Crossword Mystery for Hallmark that will come out in August.

The fact that he and his wife were on another journey may not have been known if he hadn’t been open about it. Having the courage to share a difficult journey can sometimes lead to love, support, and patience, as we’ve seen with other celebrities like Jeff Bridges, who have also shared their cancer struggles. Elliott and his wife continue to keep putting their best foot forward every day, and we send our thoughts their way.

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