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Brendan Fraser receives an emotional 6-minute standing ovation at the premiere of his comeback film, ‘The Whale’

’ earned  a standing ovation

Brendan Fraser made his way back to with the release of the film “The Whale,” which had its world debut on Sunday evening at the . He received support, accolades, and even more tears from his cherished loved ones.

Brendan Fraser starred in a role that portrayed him as a 600-pound homosexual guy, wheelchair-bound, directed by . Just for his make-up alone, he got to spend six hours daily morphing himself into the role. He even wore a prosthetic suit that weights between 50 to 300 pounds. 

He received a six-minute standing ovation, and throughout the entire honor, he was moved heavily with tears; now, he is expected to compete in the best actor award at the

The movie’s premiere was screened in the , which was attended by stars like Phoebe Waller-Bridge, , and Hillary Clinton staffer , who were seated behind Brendan Fraser, who joined the club to shed their tears. 

Not just them; some more were seen using tissues in the last finale scene in the movie, which melted the hearts of many. 

Touched by the response during the ovation, he hugged the director, the watchers outpoured their love with all loud claps, and at one point, he even tried to exit but still stayed and bowed to the crowd. 

The storyline of ‘The Whale’

The movie stars Brendan Fraser, who faces severe struggles to get reconnected with his daughter of 17, played by “Stranger Things” breakout Sadie Sink. 

Samuel D. Hunter wrote the script for the movie “The Whale,” which is based on his play from 2012. And this is Brendan Fraser’s comeback movie since “Breakout” in 2013. 

The other supporting crew members include Sadie Sink, Hong Chau, Samantha Morton, and Ty Simpkins. 

In his interview before the screening, he said his prosthetic suit wasn’t comfortable. 

“The torso piece was almost like a straight jacket with sleeves that went on, airbrushed by hand, to look identical as human skin, right down to the hand-punched hair.”

The director has an impeccable history with prestigious film festival

Aronofsky, who directed this film, has a long and honorable association with the prestigious festival, adding to his fortune. In 2008, “The Wrestler,” which had its initial Venice debut, won the Golden Lion. Among his films, “Black Swan” was a big hit at the Venice Film Festival in 2010, and “mother!” was at the festival in 2017.

 Martin Scorsese’s Apple western “” will be his future project. . decided not to distribute the DC tentpole “Batgirl,” so his performance as Garfield Lynns/Firefly won’t be seen.