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Breaking! Statement from the family following Darius Campbell Danesh’s death

Upon hearing that ’s had been ruled accidental, his released a statement. It was announced last month that Darius had passed away at 41 owing to a combination of ‘inhalation of ’ and ‘suffocation’, according to the Southern Minnesota Regional Medical Examiner’s Office.

According to Darius’ family, he used chloroethane after a car accident in 2010 caused him to use it. A medical examination found that Darius died due to a respiratory arrest caused by chloroethane, a painkiller commonly used to treat pain.

The tragic accident ruins Darius’s life

In 2010, Darius was involved in a car accident that caused , and he suffered from chronic neck pain for several years afterwards. At the time, a nurse had told him that a 3-millimetre shift in his spine would have resulted in paralysis or death.

Although the singer received daily , he declined an operation that doctors recommended to prevent permanent damage to his vocal cords.

No evidence in the place of death

It was tragic to find Darius’ body in his apartment room late last month in Rochester, Minnesota. During that time, the family released the following statement: We regret to inform you of the passing of Darius Campbell Danesh. The Rochester, Minnesota, medical examiners’ office found Darius unresponsive in bed on August 11 and declared him dead by the afternoon.

Currently, the cause of his sudden death is unknown while medical exams continue. The local police department has confirmed that there were no suspicious circumstances or evidence of intent.

In 2001, Darius Danesh made his first appearance on and gained fame as a singer and actor. Moreover, he was a finalist on Pop Idol 2002, coming in third behind and , and released two studio albums, Dive In in 2002 and Live Twice in 2004.

Additionally, he starred in Broadway productions such as and Guys and Dolls, earning Olivier Awards for his performances.