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Black Adam & Shazam Movie Plans Revealed By DC

Earlier this year, . had plans for a crossover movie between and , but Johnson got his film instead. Before getting his film, shares what Warner Bros.’s original plans were for Black Adam and Shazam. Since Dwayne Johnson was cast in September 2014 as the iconic Shazam villain, Black Adam has been in the works for roughly a decade.

Although Johnson was originally scheduled to star in Shazam’s solo movie, Warner Bros. decided to give him his spinoff instead. Despite Zachary Levi’s casting as Shazam in the 2019 film, Johnson’s Black Adam movie delayed the anti-hero’s cinematic debut. While Black Adam has been stuck in development hell for several years, it will finally hit theaters this fall.

As an anti-hero, Black Adam will tell the origin story of Teth-Adam and his journey from being a slave to becoming one of DC Universe’s most powerful beings. The Shazam! As Fury of the Gods arrives later this year, it seems inevitable that Black Adam and Shazam will cross paths.

In an interview with Comic Book Resources, Johnson reveals what she plans to do with the two DC icons in Shazam! film. Johnson revealed to Vanity Fair that he was concerned when he read the first draft of Shazam! In reading the script, I was deeply concerned about the movie tackling not one, but two massive origin stories at once.

Despite Johnson’s support for Shazam! He quickly suggested Warner Bros. make the movie as well as a spinoff of Black Adam to let that character’s mythology breathe independently. The result is Shazam! Dr. Sivana, another major villain from ’s rogue’s gallery, was played by Mark Strong.

Yet, the David F. Sandberg-directed film did heavily allude to Black Adam more than once, making it clear that Johnson’s character still exists within it. It remains to be seen whether Black Adam, which will feature the Justice Society of America as his rivals, will reference Shazam at all.

It is worth mentioning, however, that Black Adam and Shazam! There appears to be some setup for a future rivalry between Fury of the Gods and The Hunger Games coming out in the same year only two months apart. There is no doubt that Shazam! would have been more popular with many fans if Black Adam had been included, but Johnson’s concerns are valid.

DC’s Black Adam is one of the most popular villains of all time, and with Johnson portraying him, it’s clear he’ll be a huge figure in the DCEU going forward. It would be better if the Black Adam movie told his origin story rather than having it crammed into Shazam!

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This seems like a better option. Considering this, Shazam! seems like a safe bet at this point. The DCEU project 3 will have Levi’s character in direct contact with Johnson’s character. Shazam’s and Black Adam’s meeting will hopefully be worth the wait when they eventually meet.

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