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Billy Eichner admitted his Second Dismissal from the Tinder app

Apology for the Ban

claimed that Tinder apologized for the error regarding his profile and sent him a care package. He said on Live in 2019 that the app had first banned him after his account was identified as a .

“I’ve been on Tinder for like seven years and I’m very nice. I don’t do anything naughty or weird; I’m a normal person. They banned me all of a sudden. They didn’t give me an explanation,” he said on the show.

The corporation sent him a care package to express their regret after the actor confirmed that it was indeed him using the app and not someone impersonating him.

Inside the apology box

Eichner revealed that the box included coffee mugs and a T-shirt that read “World’s Hottest Single” and “Happy Valentine’s Day… to Me.” Eichner returned to the dating service in an effort to find love after resolving to pardon it for its error.

But it appears that his endeavor was unsuccessful. The “” actor admitted to Variety that he had left the app once more.

“I thought, ‘F-k it. He reportedly told the outlet, “I’m not going through this again. “I can’t appear on a late-night talk show merely to get my Tinder account back. I’ll continue using Hinge, Grindr, and other services.

Tinder’s Response

He continued, “I don’t need another mug telling me it’s OK to be alone. When asked for a response, a representative for Tinder said, “We respect each member’s privacy and never make comments about their account status. However, to avoid being accused of impersonation, we strongly advise all members to confirm their accounts.”