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Big Brother Spoilers: Houseguest Kyle’s Heart-Felt Message To Alyssa

Heart-Felt Message

He told Turner, “I want to go to every person in the house and tell them a particular thing about her, and then when I am gone, instead of hearings—-y things about me, people can say…Kyle liked your smile.”

Kyle asked Turner if his thought was outlandish or strange. Turner laughed, “I think that is sweet. I think it is nice. I do not know if it is my call to say whether it’s weird or not. I am pretty weird myself.” Kyle said, “I just feel bad that she has had to hear this s—t over and over,” adding, “If you do not want to tell her, whatever.” Turner promised, “I’ll tell her.”

Kyle said to Turner, who asked about the “turnaround time” on these messages, “I love that she can make me smile in any situation, and I’ve never really had that in a relationship. Her smile is so infectious even when she’s teasing me a thousand times.” Kyle said, “Oh, you never even have to tell her.” “You have my word. I will pass that along,” promised Turner.

Kyle also shared the message with Monte

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Kyle then talked to Monte in the gym and asked the same thing about him.

Kyle said, “I believe she’s the strongest person both physically, mentally, and emotionally. She’s so strong, bro. She’s so mentally strong to handle everything that has happened. She is stronger than I am. I look up to her for it. I love her for that.” Monte also promised that he would convey the message to .

Kyle thanked Terrance

Kyle thanked Terrance for instructing him through everything this week and being a real dad figure to him.

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Kyle said, “If you want to convey with her please tell her I appreciate her positive attitude. The way she can come back from anything. I love that about her and you.” Terrance promised to pass along Kyle’s thoughts to Alyssa like the others.